Sacred Grounding


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Product Description

A Native Medicine healing journey to connect to the medicine of Mother Earth and the grounding energy she blesses us with. An amazing journey to start your day with presence, wholeness and deep rooting. Earth Medicine provides us with so much magic, transmutation and cleansing.

Asha’s journeys are channeled from spirit and provide you with a space to connect with your own powerful knowing and wisdom.

The soothing music present on each meditation has been tuned to A4 = 432Hz. This tuning is said to be mathematically consistent with certain patterns present in nature, and in the observable universe. It harmonizes much better with the human body, and deepens the listener’s sense of connection to nature.

The Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz), which is the Earth’s pulse, or heartbeat, is also embedded in each meditation. This provides healing, and further deepens the listener’s connection to the Earth. It is present as a soft binaural tone, with the carrier frequency of 111Hz – an Angel Code for manifestation and positive new beginnings. The binaural entrainment of 7.83Hz also happens to be a high-theta to low-alpha brainwave pattern, which makes it a perfect tool to help the listener attain a much more relaxed, and deep meditative state.

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